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Supreme Starter + Keto Low-Carb Video Recipe Library

Are you ready to fall in love with your body and your bread again? Imagine homemade, warm, crusty sourdough bread without an ounce of guilt. With Sinless Sourdough, you can do just that.

Sinless Sourdough is a hybrid product consisting of a powerful, 150-year-old dried starter sent by mail directly to your home.  You also get private access to a video library savory and sweet sourdough recipes. These recipes will fit into your PSMF, Keto, Low-carb or Weight Watcher lifestyle.

Sinless Sourdough isn’t just about losing weight—it’s about gaining vitality, happiness, and a renewed relationship with food. Get ready to transform your health, one slice at a time.

What Makes Sinless Sourdough So Special?

Keeping your Sinless Sourdough starter alive is effortless and quick. Whether you choose our original or gluten-free variety, these robust dried starters thrive without wheat flour.

With a feeding process that takes less than a minute, you’ll easily maintain your starter’s vitality. This simple routine, performed regularly, ensures your starter remains active and ready for baking. You’ll learn through video how to follow the easy steps. By maintaining your starter, you’ll have a perpetual source of sourdough goodness, allowing you to create delicious baked goods whenever inspiration strikes.  You have ongoing access to the Sinless Sourdough video recipe library.

Why Should You Care About Having A Healthy Microbiome?

Your gut health is important for weight loss and weight management. A healthy microbiome can boost your metabolism, regulate your appetite, and improve your body’s nutrient absorption. Sinless Sourdough fits perfectly into your PSMF, Keto, Low-Carb, or Weight Watchers lifestyle.

With Sinless Sourdough, you’re not just enjoying delicious bread and baked goods – you’re supporting your microbiome, which in turn also benefits your brain function, heart health, and immune system.

What Can You Bake with Sinless Sourdough’s Living Starter?

The sky’s the limit! 

From crusty sandwich breads to fluffy focaccia, from sweet muffin tops to savory scones  and buns- all without the guilt. Your taste buds won’t believe these treats are actually good for you!

Who Is Behind Sinless Sourdough?

Hi, I’m Shari MAC. With over 30 years of experience as a professional recipe developer, food columnist, and International award-winning and best-selling cookbook author, my passion for food was evident in both my work and my waistline. 

At my heaviest, I was 70 pounds overweight, a testament to my love for culinary creations. Realizing the need for a lifestyle change, I embarked on a journey to reinvent my approach to cooking and eating.  

I shifted my focus to developing low-carb, low-calorie recipes, bidding farewell to excessive carbs, calories, and cocktails. During this transformation, I noticed a significant gap in the online culinary world: the absence of an authentic sourdough bread recipe using a genuine sourdough starter. Determined to fill this void, I dedicated months to rigorous testing, perfecting a starter recipe that not only worked but remained viable long-term.

After savoring the success of my own sourdough creations, I was inspired to share this breakthrough with you. This led me to establish my company, driven by the desire to bring authentic, healthy sourdough options to your kitchen. My journey from traditional recipe developer to low-carb innovator and sourdough specialist now forms the foundation of my mission to revolutionize your home baking and health.

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